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New Treadmill & Great Grandma Update

Happy Wife, Happy Life right?  Today I went to Canadian Tire and picked up a Horizon CT7.1 model treadmill.  Susie and I managed to bring it into the house and down to the basement without killing ourselves.  I got it setup after about 45 minutes.  It’s pretty cool!  Susie took it for a test run, she did 20 minutes on it and she’s exhausted.  Tomorrow morning will bring me to my first attempt on it, but I won’t be doing too much as tomorrow is a killer upper body workout.

On a completely other front, my grand-ma is in the hospital and has been moved to a palliative care room.  I spent all of Friday and some of yesterday with her.  It is quite sad to see her this way, but after 93 years, she has done some amazing things.  I wish her god speed to finish her journey.  Take care Grams and say hi to Grand-pa for all of us.

This is from our last visit before Christmas:


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