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First day of Schools


Today marked the first day of Desiree going school(for the 3rd time) and Maloreigh entering her last year of High School. Poor Hayden just wants to go to school now.



Matty and Haydon Lowville Park Burlington Ontario

A sneak peek at our shoot yesterday at Lowville Park in Burlington ON.

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Debbie and Bobby – Little White Chapel Wedding

August 27th 2011, Debbie and Bobby got married at the Little White Chapel in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining and the weather was hot.  You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day or an even better family.  Both families welcomed me and my camera.  I almost couldn’t shoot enough for them.  A great time was had by all.  Congrats Debbie and Bobby.

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Dayglo in Burlington, Red Rooster

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P90X – Round 1 completed – a preview

Boring title eh?

On Friday I finished my 90 day journey.  P90X from start to finish.  A few hiccups in the middle, but program complete.  I still have to do the fit test, which I’ll be doing tomorrow night.  Here’s a sneak peek at my transformation pics:

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No more hiding – TDDUP – read on….

OK, we can’t hide it anymore….


Yup, Susie and I are reality TV stars now:

We’re gonna have a viewing party in Burlington on that Tuesday night…or maybe again on the Friday….not sure.

Super Hot Susie!!!

Check out my wife!  Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

She is on her way right now to the Juno’s with Maloreigh.  Of course I had to take a snapshot of her.  She too has been working her butt off(almost literally) every morning and most evenings.  Spending hours on the treadmill and hitting the weights.  I can’t wait to see where we are both at in 60 days.

Susie Junos

Holy Moly….I haven’t posted in weeks….

So many things have happened since my last post.

I need to review the following books:

David Zisercaptured by the light

Syl ArenaSpeedliter’s Handbook

Zack AriasOneLight Field Guide

Some serious reads in here.  I should probably also talk about Joe McNally’s Hot Shoe Diary, but I did already mention it last year after my trip to Quebec.

I really wish that Syl had made this book about 4 years ago when I started photography.  It is soooo good!  Maybe  a full review once I actually finish the last pages.  Only about 20 to go.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am doing the P90X workout.  It is an incredible workout.  I am now on my recovery week.  Tomorrow is day 1, which is not easy.  It’s the 90 minute Yoga-X workout.  I’ve seen some major improvements already.  I have lost about 15lbs since I started working out in January, but the first 10 came in 2 months and I hit the Plateau.  After 3 weeks on P90X, I’ve lost another 5, but certainly gained some lean muscle as well.  I don’t think I have much more weight to lose as my bodyfat percentage will get lower but I will be gaining lean muscle mass.

I do really recommend this workout for people, but it is not for everyone.  If you can’t get off your butt to workout every day, 6 days a week and you can’t push yourself, then sit this routine out.  You need the personal motivation and direction to watch the videos and put everything you have into them.  If you are just going to take it easy, then save your money.

On the photography front, I did my first official corporate shoot.  It was pretty cool.  Very “grade school” feel.  I had in the executive team and senior management in and out within 1 minute each.  I won’t be posting any pictures, but you may see them on future publications for Anixter Canada.

That’s it for now.

it’s been a while….

Sorry for the lack of updates dear friends and followers. This year started off with so much change it’s been hard to keep up. First up, I decided it’s time to truly change my body and mind. I’m not going all crazy here, just making the right changes. I get up and workout every morning, prep 5 meals a day and still have time to play with my kids and do all the usual house stuff. On Sunday (March 6th), I started the P90X workout.  I’ll be keeping you up to date on how I progress.  It’s a real tough workout and not intended for beginners.

The only downside to working on myself, is that I haven’t been able to keep up with my photography as much as possible.  Which is why for 2011, I’m taking a bit of a step back right now.  I’m working on family shoots and going back to my roots of shooting bands.  I’m focusing on my lighting techniques and will be hanging with the likes of Joe McNally and David Hobby at the Flashbus tour.  I’m reading up on Syl Arena’s amazing body of work, Speedliters handbook.  I’ve read the amazing David Ziser tome, Captured by the light.  I’m also going to be shooting lots of weddings as a second shooter.

That’s it for me now.